We are independent  service providers dedicated to provide setup solutions for all your Alexa devices. We offer installation, Setup and Demonstration for Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Look, or any Alexa devices. We also offer Installation, setup  services for integrating your Alexa devices with your Alexa compatible Smart home devices

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ALConnect Your Alexa devices with your Smart Home Devices

Smart Streaming

No need for checking availability on every streaming service to watch your favorite show when you have Alexa device. You can browse Netflix or Hulu or Amazon prime by using only voice commands. Just say “Alexa, scroll down”, “Alexa, move right” to navigate the interface. If you want to switch streaming service. Just say “Alexa, […]

Smart Lock

No need to go through the hassle of checking every night if the door is locked or not. Just tell Alexa to do it for you. Forgot to lock the door when leaving? Smart locks can automatically lock themselves. You can’t go wrong with Alexa compatible smart locks. There are wide range of smart locks […]

Smart TV

No need to go through the hassle of looking for different remotes for your different streaming devices. Amazon Voice assistance Alexa is built with some awesome skills that turn your Home into a Smart Home. One of these incredible skills is Controlling your Smart TV Streaming system by only using your voice. Smart TV Features: […]

Smart Speakers/ Smart Hub

With Smart speakers connected to Voice assistance like Alexa or Google Home, your speakers won’t just play music, but will do whatever command, even order pizza! Connect your smart speakers to Voice assistant devices like your Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Google and let Alexa help you throughout your day. With Alexa connected to smart […]

Smart Home Security Cam

With live feed you can keep an eye and check what’s going on anywhere in your house anytime you want. You can arm and disarm your Smart security camera, check live feed, get notification of movement by motion detectors, and much more. Which skills you can use will depend on the choice of your security […]

Smart Doorbell

Voice assistance compatible Smart doorbells improve safety, comfort and convenience for you and your family. Chilling at home and the doorbell rings, you don’t even have to get up to answer the door. Your Smart Doorbell will notify you when there’s movement on your porch. You would know who’s outside even before they ring the […]

Smart garage-door controllers

Carrying your groceries, luggage, or babies? Just ask Alexa enabled Smart garage-door controllers to open and close the door. When it comes to smart garage door openers, you have lots of options. Don’t know if you closed the garage door or not? Just check your Alexa app and the sensors will detect and transmits the […]

Smart Lighting

No need to get up every time to turn lights on and off when you Connect your smart lights with Alexa or google home assistance. You can change the lighting according to your mood, dim lights with voice commands and do so much more with smart lights. Many different types of smart lights work with […]

Smart Plugs

Plug a lamp or coffee maker into your Alexa or Google compatible smart plug and control it with your voice. Schedule your AC to turn on before you reach home or turn on coffee machine with just your voice while you are doing something else. Smart plugs make your life so easy and also stop […]

Smart Thermostat

Adjust your room temperature with your voice. Make you home thermostat smart by connecting to Alexa or google voice assistance. No need to get up and turn on thermostat when you enter a room. Your smart thermostat will turn on automatically and adjust the room temperature as per your liking. Just sync your smart thermostats […]

ALHow We Help

  • foto Install and Setup your Alexa device Our Technicians will guide you How to Install and Setup your Alexa device with step by step instructions and through remote assistance.
  • foto Connect your Alexa device with Smart Home Devices Our Technicians will ensure that all your Alexa compatible Smart Home devices are properly connected to your Alexa device.
  • foto Full Technical Support for your Alexa devices We offer different support plans well suited to all your needs. Whenever you have any issues with your Alexa device just call us.

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