With Smart speakers connected to Voice assistance like Alexa or Google Home, your speakers won’t just play music, but will do whatever command, even order pizza!

Connect your smart speakers to Voice assistant devices like your Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Google and let Alexa help you throughout your day. With Alexa connected to smart speakers, plays your music on request and stream through different music streaming services with your voice only.

Smart Speakers/Hub Features:

  • Play music throughout your home
  • Set alarm and wake up to your favorite music
  • Create playlists for any occasion
  • Get weather updates or make calls and more
  • Stream through different music streaming services
  • set reminders with voice commands
  • Place delivery orders for food and groceries
  • Let Alexa keep track while you’re cooking
  • Control your home with just your voice
  • Create a schedule to Automate your morning routine
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