Alexa has revolutionized the way we live in our homes. Alexa has a big role in making your home a smart home. Whether you need help to get organized, keeping your family entertained and connected — just ask Alexa


1. The Alexa Guard smart alerts

Get notifications of all activities that happen at home even when you aren’t there. You can put your Alexa Guard on Away mode and get to know if Alexa detects any sounds like – footsteps, glass breaking, coughing, doors opening and closing etc. while you are away. You can monitor that everything is ok even when you are miles away from home.


2. Schedule a routine

You can use Alexa to schedule a routine and use just one command for activating it. For example, you don’t need to manually turn off your home lights, turn outside lights on and lock the back door before leaving if you just schedule a routine for when you are heading out. When you have set up your routing just say, “Alexa, I’m going out” and Alexa will do all these activities automatically.


3. Manage daily schedule

Alexa would not need any command to activate a routine if you have scheduled it already. For example, you have dinner with your family every night at 9pm so, you can set up a routine schedule to turn off wifi for the duration of dinner. You won’t have to command Alexa to turn off the wifi as it will automatically turn the wifi off and on at the scheduled time. You can easily manage your schedules with Alexa.


4. Maintain Quality Family time

Alexa has some awesome features that would help you maintain quality time spending with family. For example, you can control the wifi connection to your kid’s devices for when they are studying. You just have to command Alexa for which kid’s device you want the wifi off for, like, “Pause the wifi on Mindy’s tablet” and Alexa will do it for you. This way there will be less distractions during family time. You can schedule wifi to pause for dinner time, homework time and bed time of kids. It will help you spend quality time with your family.


5. Celebrity voice for Alexa

Alexa is also introducing celebrity voice for your Alexa.  Alexa’s Celebrity Voice Program Launched with Samuel L. Jackson Skill on December 12, 2019.
This way you can ask Alexa for weather, schedules, news etc. in the Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice. This will be a paid feature by Alexa so you can opt in for this option if you want. There are still developments going on for Making more celebrity voices in explicit and non-explicit versions and a little bit of their personalities. Right now, you can change your Alexa voice accent as per available options.


6. Check home security and control smart home devices 

With smart Alexa AI assistance there’s no need to worry about whether you forgot to lock the door. Just Ask Alexa to check if the door is locked and command Alexa to lock the door even when you aren’t home. You need a smart door-lock compatible with Alexa to use this smart feature. Or maybe u forgot to turn off the TV before leaving? Don’t worry just ask Alexa to check and turn it off. You can control your smart home devices from anywhere so you don’t have to worry even if you aren’t home.

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