Many Alexa users have, at many times, expressed concerns over Eavesdropping by Alexa. As sometimes Alexa may mistake the ‘wake word’ and start up to listen, therefore the conversation is recorded in its database. The amazon policy allows the recorded conversations to be used for improvement purposes for Alexa. So, many are concerned that Alexa may record a confidential conversation without the user’s consent.
If you are one of these people who don’t want to compromise your security like this, we are here to tell you how you can prevent Alexa from eavesdropping in your private conversations.


Paranoid Smart Gadget

There’s a device called Paranoid that can prevent Alexa from eavesdropping on your conversations. You can simply install this device on top of your Alexa smart speaker. Paranoid Home Wave creates noise interference or white noise for Alexa so, while you are not using it, Alexa won’t accidentally overhear your conversation.
There is no need to manually turn paranoid on and off. You can just use the ‘wake word’ and give voice command to Alexa.
This device is especially useful for many in these times as majority of people are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.
So, while you are doing your work from home, with ‘paranoid’ activated, you won’t have to be worried about Alexa recording confidential conversations.
There’s no fear of sacrificing your privacy when you have a device that can prevent any leakage of private information. So, if you were worried about Alexa listening to your private conversations, ‘Paranoid’ will give you peace of mind.
This smart gadget is vigilant on protecting your security concerns in the best way possible.


Paranoid comes in three different models:

  • Paranoid Home Wave
  • Paranoid Home Button
  • Paranoid Home Max


1. Paranoid Home Wave

Paranoid Home Wave creates a white noise so it cannot be heard by you but, it prevents Alexa from hearing anything going on in the room. Paranoid Home wave is a small device that you can affix to the Alexa speaker, near its microphone.
When you want to talk to Alexa, all you need to do is say “Paranoid” before saying “Alexa” to give voice command.


2. Paranoid Home Button

If there is a mute button on your Alexa device then, Paranoid Home Button can physically enable and disable it by pushing the button. It automatically disables and enables the Alexa mute according to your needs.
It works like a small robotic finger. When you say “Paranoid,” it unmutes the speaker by pushing the button, and then automatically puts Alexa on mute when you’re done.
If your Alexa device does not have a mute button, Paranoid Home wave would be a better choice for you.


3. Paranoid Home Max

Paranoid Home Max gives you a “Paranoid Privacy Built-in” option by bypassing the signal to go through Paranoid. You don’t need to add any paranoid external device. Instead your speaker would be more secure with built-in Paranoid security.
For this you need to contact Paranoid’s service center. It is the most complicated setup. You have to send your smart speaker to Paranoid service center for the built-in internal configuration. It involves physically cutting the microphone out of your device and routing audio through Paranoid Home directly.
But also, keep in mind that doing this will almost certainly void your Alexa warranty.

You can choose any of these options according to which would be better suitable for you.
It is also notable that Paranoid does not connect to a wifi, means it cannot be hacked. Which gives users even more assurance to consider installing the Paranoid system.
If you need any assistance regarding issues related to your Alexa device,  Get in touch with us.

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